In memoriam: Rosemary Orr

Steun project

Rosemary Orr was a voracious proponent of Liberal Arts and Sciences education and a true mentor to many students at University College Utrecht. After her passing in November 2016, a group of alumni came up with the idea to set up a Scholarship Fund in her name. Through the financial support of students, the scholarship committee intends to honor the memory of dr. Rosemary Orr and her passion for enabling hardworking and determined students that use their leadership, creativity and humor to create diverse and inclusive communities.

The Rosemary Orr Scholarship Fund was established in 2017 to provide financial assistance to students of University College Utrecht (UCU) who have demonstrated perseverance and leadership amidst adversity. It gives special consideration to female students who value education and take an active role in creating inclusive communities. The scholarship is provided on a basis of merit. Through the financial support of students, the scholarship committee intends to honor the memory of dr. Rosemary Orr and her passion for enabling hardworking and determined students that use their leadership, creativity and humour to create diverse and inclusive communities.

We are welcoming donations for scholarships for students starting their education at UCU in the academic year 2018-2019.

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  • UCAA board15.06.2017 22:22 uur

    The UCAA board warmly endorses the Scholarship fund as a wonderful way to remember Rosemary, who brightened campus life with her presence.

  • Johannes Mäki05.06.2017 08:18 uur

    Rosemary Orr was my personal tutor and I remain indebted to her guidance, mentoring and views for the course of life that I took upon after graduating from UCU. She was also invaluable in helping me to choose the courses at UCU.

  • Johanna Gereke04.06.2017 18:25 uur

    Wonderful initiative to honor Rosemary and her spirit of teaching and supporting students at UCU!

  • Elias Khalil03.06.2017 16:23 uur

    Right spirit in which to remember R. Hope the amount will be reached.

  • Jacky-Zoë de Rode01.06.2017 10:18 uur

    Rosemary was such an amazing teacher, tutor and person. She really made UCU the place it was (and is). This is such a beautiful way of passing on our loving memory of Rosemary to future students.

  • Pau Castellví01.06.2017 09:19 uur

    Rosemary was a great educator who inspired many youngsters and managed to make UCU a better place. She was, simultaneously, often inspired by bright kids that wanted to make a difference. It honors her memory greatly to contribute to making a UCU a place in which bright kids with visions of a better society, can study - regardless of their socioeconomic or ethnic backgrounds.

  • Borja Martinovic31.05.2017 16:12 uur

    Wonderful idea! Rosemary would have been so proud of her alumni for this initiative.

  • OC30.05.2017 15:47 uur

    One of the most wonderful people I've ever met who contributed directly to making UCU feel more like home. I was also given the opportunity to study at UCU through a scholarship and the impact that this had on my life is amazing. I truly support this cause!

  • Marijke Beulen26.05.2017 10:11 uur

    Rosemary Orr had a big impact on me as my tutor at UCU, and she was such a kind person. I hope this project helps keep her memory alive.

  • Carole Rey23.05.2017 09:14 uur

    Rosemary was an inspiring colleague with a gorgeous smile.

  • Monica van Leeuwen15.05.2017 15:16 uur

    Wat fijn dat je naam en werk op deze plek kan voortleven!

  • Katy Hofstede14.05.2017 12:53 uur

    Omdat het overlijden van Rosemary echt een verlies is voor UCU als gemeenschap, en ik het mooi vindt dat er een initiatief is om iets van haar overtuiging en levenslust te bewaren via dit fonds.

  • Alin Shron11.05.2017 18:24 uur

    A perfect initiative. Thank you Rosemary for everything you have done for us, and will continue to do for many others to come.

  • Amelia Smith10.05.2017 22:27 uur

    I know Rosemary would have been really proud to be associated with this initiative - well done for coming up with the idea. Proficiat!

  • Familie van Leeuwen10.05.2017 21:35 uur

    Great initiative, guys!

  • Eline10.05.2017 19:48 uur

    She is super awesome, also super initiative! :)

  • Sander Bosch10.05.2017 14:28 uur

    In memory of one of the most inspiring teachers I've ever encountered

  • Femke van der Geest09.05.2017 09:11 uur

    In loving memory <3

  • Julia Locherer08.05.2017 22:53 uur

    Rosemary valued an education more than a career. I think this scholarship embodies that value well.

  • Marijn Stok08.05.2017 22:34 uur

    Great initiative in the name of a beautiful person.

  • Lieke Schreel08.05.2017 22:11 uur

    What a fitting way for her students to continue Rosemary's passion for teaching and education. Such an amazing colleague and friend.

  • Emmi Visser08.05.2017 21:49 uur

    So sad to hear she passed away. She was possibly the best teacher I've ever had.

  • Celine Bricteux08.05.2017 21:01 uur

    Rosemary was an inspiring woman. I hope that those who receive this scholarship can inspire others as Rosemary did!

  • Indra Spronk08.05.2017 20:35 uur

    Helping the toughest of students in name of the awesomest of tutors? Count me in.